Enhance Your Soil,
Enhance Your Wellbeing

EverGROW's patent (pending) formula is a micronized soil enhancer comprised of 78 ionic chelated trace minerals (Montmorillonite clay) and PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). EverGROW is comparable to the "probiotic process" by preparing and expanding the root system for the intake of nutrients (minerals). EverGROW is 100% natural product without fillers or additives.

• PGPR is a nitrogen fixing bacteria
• Improves nutrient absorption
• Enhances yields, longevity, plant strength and soil structure
• More intense flavor profiles for fruits and vegetables
• Hydrates, oxygenates and feeds your soil
• Brings your soil's plant, garden, herbs, trees, grass, shrubs and flowers to LIFE
• Higher nutrient cycling and increased plant growth


EverGROW Soil

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