I bought EverGROW at the Kalispell, Montana Home Show and was asked to let you know how I liked the product

I love it! I rolled my seeds in it, as was recommended, and sprinkled some when I moved seedlings to larger pots. I have never had healthier or stronger seedlings. When I planted my seedlings I dusted them with EverGROW and they are thriving!

I can’t wait to see the fruit they produce. I’m so glad that I stopped by your booth and purchased a bag.

Stephanie C.
Kalispell, Montana


I bought a lupine last year with two blossoms. It didn’t bloom after I planted it. But it grew a fair bit.

This spring I sprinkled Evergrow on it a few times. This is the result. I have 20 blossoms and 10 buds! It is going crazy! The blossoms are huge and the color rich!

See the Iris to the left? It is now twice as tall as it was last year and now has two stalks with large, gorgeous blossoms!

Thank you for selling me on this great plant food! I now have it under my veggie plants, fruit trees, evergreens, ornamental trees and shrubs.

 I ordered more and sent the information to friends who are impressed. I will definitely continue to use Evergrow!

Spokane, Washington


Thank you! This is awesome! I didn’t know about using it overwinter, but it makes sense. I really do like the product and I am definitely telling people about it.



My chives have DOUBLED. Incredible brighter green and more dynamic flavor.

Michael S.
Thompson, Montana